Sunday, 1 October 2023

Some customers have asked about the benefits of LANOTEC as a corrosion protection against Tananlith. Well that created a deal of interest, so the team at Boltmasters went searching for the “ultimate” LANOLIN range. We believe we have found it, and much more in the LANOTEC range of products.

LANOTEC is the brand name for a tested and proven range of environmentally friendly products, made from wool grease that protect by sealing treated surfaces from air and moisture. LANOTEC has eliminated the odour expected from wool base products. The range is complimented by a natural degreaser based on citrus peel extract.

LANOTEC acts as:
  • a corrosion inhibitor
  • lubricant
  • timber preservative
  • concrete release agent
  • cutting compound
  • welding anti-spatter
  • anti-seize
  • electrical insulator
  • restorer of oxidized surfaces
The Lanotec range includes:
Type A Grease

Pure anhydrous lanolin, approved for incidental food contact. Uses include lubrication of moving surfaces, conveyor rollers etc; wire rope lubricant; drilling & cutting aid; anti-seize and anti galling, particularly suitable for stainless steel fastenings; rejuvenation of leather and plastics; corrosion protection in severe environments.

  • Stocked in 500ml, 1, 4, and 20 litre containers.
Liquid Lanolin Products

Anhydrous lanolin is mixed with non-flammable paraffinic carriers to allow ease of application and enhance penetration. The liquid carrier evaporates leaving a residue of anhydrous lanolin.
The heavy duty HD21 contains 30% more lanolin than the general purpose GP21, thus offering greater protection. There is also an HD15 heavy duty which has a faster evaporating carrier, and Chain Wax.

  • Stocked in Aerosols, Trigger Packs and  1, 5, 20 and 200 litre containers.
Concrete Release Agent RA1

Manufactured as a concentrate, Release Agent incorporates surfactants enabling the product to be water miscible. Normally diluted with water 4:1 RA1 prolongs the life of timber formwork, and moulds, protecting against end grain swelling. As well as protecting metal formwork from corrosion, RA1 does not impair the adhesion of paint systems.

  • Stocked in 1, 5, 20 litre containers
Timber Seal

Contains a paraffinic carrier solvent which allows it to be sprayed onto timber, providing lasting protection, sealing and preserving metal fastenings. It is water resistant, resists washing off, and imparts non slip properties to timber in wet conditions. Ideal for pool surrounds, and decking.

  • Stocked in 1 and 5 Litres


Citra-Force is a very powerful, water miscible cleaner, de-greaser, and de-carboniser. Produced from a sustainable, renewable resource (citrus peel) that is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly. It can be used neat or in dilutions of up to 50:1. Removes tar, greases, fats, oils, gums, glues, adhesives, silicones, waxes, ink, and of course lanolin

Due to its neutral PH and water miscibility, Citra –Force may be used to clean webbing slings and safety harnesses without any detrimental effects.

  • Stocked in 1, 5, 20 litres, and to order in 200 litres.


A high-performance corrosion inhibitor.

Applications include Protects 4WD and light vehicle underbody and chassis rails, jet skis, trailers, caravans and motors

  • Protects cargo from corrosion during shipping
  • Protects all agricultural vehicles and fertiliser and chemical storage facilities and equipment
  • Provides drill pipe protection, including threads and casing
  • Prevents further rusting on already rusted areas

  • Stocked in 400g aerosol, 750ml spray pack, and 3, 5, 20 litres, and to order in 200 litres

Wire Rope Lube

A unique lubrication and corrosion protector for wire ropes.

Applications include Provides long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection for all wire ropes above 16 mm
Lubricates ropes in environmentally-sensitive areas where saltwater is an issue

  • Stocked in 20 litres and to order in 200 litres

If it needs Protection, Preservation, Lubrication, Cleaning LANOTEC’S environmentally friendly products from Boltmasters are up to the job. And they’ll save you money.